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"When Holly first joined CDC we were waiting for her to get fed up or bored like she done with everything else and give up. She started at recreational classes and loved it so much she wanted to do more. I have genuinely never seen Holly happier than when she is at CDC, the smile she has here is priceless. Not once has she ever said she’s too tired to go or asked if she can miss a class. Every single one of her teachers are amazing and go over and above what I thought a dance/cheer class would be. Holly surprises me with what she can do and her confidence has grown since becoming part of this. The best place to a part of"

Emma Cameron (Holly's Mum)

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Gillian Mukumba - Allysa's Mum

"Family…That is how I would describe Champion Dance and Cheer. It is more than just cheerleading. It’s about preparing your child to be successful in life. They learn how to win or lose with grace and dignity. They learn what being part of a team means. From joining Champion Dance and Cheer at the age of 3, Allysa has learned about hard work, perseverance, teamwork, dedication, commitment, dealing with frustrations and celebrating accomplishments. Allysa has also made friends that am sure will remain long after cheerleading is over. It is a great experience not just for the kids but for parents as well. She has learned respect, and that respect should be given to not only your coaches, but your teammates, your competitors and your sport in general. The coaches are amazing! They truly care for the well-being of your child. Your child will be pushed to what they think are their limits, only to find they can do so much more. Allysa has also learned that when you are pushed to your breaking point, you dig even deeper, and never give up. The coaches are always in their corner. They are knowledgeable and well-trained. The coaches as well as the sport has instilled values and a strong work ethic in her from a young age that she will use in every aspect of her life as she grows and gets older. Her closest friends are her teammates andI believe it is the experiences they all go through together at Champion Dance and Cheer that build a bond that will never be broken. Fortunately for me, the FAMILY goes beyond just the cheerleaders. I, too, have developed life-long friendships by being part of such a great team. Once you become part of it, it becomes part of you"

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"Champion Dance & Cheer is an incredible dance school with extremely talented athletes from tiny-senior. Lisa and the coaches are all so supportive and helpful they only want the best for their athletes. The opportunities my son has had since joining have been wonderful from being part of a team that won world champions in Florida to having jobs in the industry not to mention the personal statement that Lisa gave him that definitely helped him get into a top university to Study professional dance and musical theatre. To be the best you have to dance with the best and in my opinion this is the place to be"

Gillian Jackson (Deans Mum)

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"When Emma moved here I didn’t know much about CDC but roll on a year and it’s been amazing for Emma. She has grown as a dancer and has formed new friendships with great team bonding"

Sharon McCall (Emma's Mum)

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Rachel Fortune (Freya's Mum)

My daughter has been coming since she was 18 months. She is now 3 and a half. From the first day, she has absolutely loved everything about CDC. She was extremely shy and wouldn’t move from my side for the first couple of months. But with the amazing patience of all the coaches, her confidence has grown so much. It helped not only at dancing and developing her skills and independence, but also in personal life, starting nursery and other groups. She now is in a competition class as well as a recreational class. And has so much confidence that she goes onto the stage like she’s been there all her life! If it wasn’t for the trust, patience and understanding of all coaches Freya wouldn’t be where she is today. And I cannot thank everyone enough for this. CDC is her family now. Everyone is so happy, welcoming and their dancing/cheer skills and dedication are so amazing and imprirational!
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Comments: Thank you for everything CDC coaches! Not only does my daughter have a dancing/cheer family. As a parent to your club, I feel I do too!

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"Since my girls have danced at CDC, they have been welcomed with open arms and they have made some amazing friends and the improvement in both of them is clearly visible. Cerys has had an amazing season with CDC and with Senior Black and that’s because the coaches trained her amazingly, pushed her to be better, and for that I will be forever grateful for. If your looking for somewhere for yours kids to dance this is the place to do it! I couldn’t speak any higher of the team at CDC"

Cheryl Cooper (Cerys & Madisyn's Mum)

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